Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kingscliff: Day 1-3 Dec 8-10

On the Saturday I arrived at Kingscliff and got settled in. Without a plan of attack I went for a walk to survey the area for possible junk deposits. I thought the shopping centre on the corner of Pearl and Turnock streets might turn up some decent junk. So I marked it on my map.

Farts butcher - Awesome!

Kingscliff - You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villiany! ha!

Cold beer at the Grand Pacific Hotel.

At the intersection half way up this steep ascent and to the right (off Hungerford Ln), there was previously a mulberry tree. We would collect the fruit on the way to school. On one such occassion our friend Barge slipped at the top and rolled about half way down. Unfortunately he had the mulberries in his library bag, oh what a mess!!! ha! 

This is where I went to kindy. This is also where I crapped my pants up the tree: thanks to Cassandra the stinky little ratbag who wouldn't let me ride the trike. The stinky little brat scratched my face so I sulked up the tree. I really had the urge to poo, the only problem was Cassandra was riding up and down the path between me and the toilet block. So I just crapped away, I remember it felt kinda weird, like the walk home. My brother wouldn't hold my hand and kept telling me that mum was going to belt the shit out of me which I thought that was funny because most of it was already in my pants. 

This is the street I grew up on. We played cricket in the little park to the right of this picture.

This is where I lived for 18 years, give or take a few months.

This is me trying to be cool, but I fell off half way through a 180.

I started playing lawn bowls here when I was 15. I even had a new set of bowls with a personal design lasered into them, which was the logo from the robot on the first Sigue Sigue Sputnik album. 

A tree.

We had fun here, most of the time. Even when they were pumping the sand out of the 
middle and it looked like something creepy lived deep down in the depths.

This is it, the start of my junk adventure.

Quite expensive art materials around this part of town...

Behind the Woolies at Kingy. Lots of bins = Jimmy grins.

So neat and tidy.

My new colour scheme.

Painting up the new materials.

Considering where to go next...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The great big jetsam adventure

It all begins with a few doodles and a bunch of maps...

The idea: To make my way down the coast of New South Wales, collecting and documenting various junk that I encounter. I will also be creating a new "Flatpack" series of sculptures to leave within each town I visit.

I had to buy a few things for the adventure,
 but luckily I had a bunch of gadgets on hand.

This single person tent is amazing! It is kinda like the tardis, 
 it could fit into a kid's lunchbox but inside it is rather roomy.

I went for a walk around the city on my last week in Brisbane Listening to Jonsi & Alex while making my way along the river's edge was an enlightening experience. Their tune "Sleeping Giant", stirred emotions within and an urge to go wander with purpose.